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Protecting and promoting

Australian Manuka honey

100% Premium Australian Manuka Honey
100% premium Australian Manuka honey

Welcome to Manuka Australia. We are an independent Australian Manuka Honey distributor and reseller, bringing you the best Australian Manuka Honey to you. Our mission is to protect Australian Manuka honey and promote it around the world.

Australian Manuka honey is both a delicacy and a medicine, making it a unique and powerful product.

harvesting manuka honey
harvesting manuka honey
Australian Manuka Honey beekeepers

Formed by top Australian honey producers and supported by beekeepers, we source and deliver quality Manuka honey products. We also provide proof of Manuka honey’s authenticity and scientific evidence about its properties, bringing the benefits of this product to consumers all around the world. We have never been more proud to bring you, Honey Australia’s Manuka Honey. 

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Treat yourself to our healthy authentic products.

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harvesting manuka honey

Why Our Manuka honey



100% Premium Australian Manuka honey


Australian Manuka Honey

Many times more active than other varieties of Manuka honey


Amazing Benefits

A single jar with hundreds of benefits